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SwiNG has formed partnerships with key infrastructure initiatives both nationally in Switzerland and on a European basis. Such partnerships provide improved services to users and key involvement in international developments and collaboration to strengthen Switzerland's standing internationally

SwiNG coordinates the Swiss contribution to the European Grid Infrastructure. EGI is evolving and expanding its services to support compute and data intensive research and education communities of all sizes. Part of this strategic plan is to develop and deploy a cloud infrastructure platform, which is being built around the federation of infrastructure-as-a-service cloud providers affiliated with EGI through national coordination bodies - NGIs. The ultimate goal is to support the complete spectrum of research communities of any size present in the public sector in Europe. The EGI federated cloud provides advanced compute capabilities for research, virtualized resources to run any environment, cloud storage for easier sharing of data, and a number of support services to ensure applications run as efficiently as possible. The EGI Federated Cloud has been tried and tested in six different fields of research: structural biology, ecology, software engineering, linguistics, musicology, and astronomy. One of the first use cases EGI has showcased is Ecology, which focuses on ecological niche modelling and has been jointly developed by BioVeL and EUBrazilOpenBio. 


SwiNG is a NorduGrid steering board member.The NorduGridCollaboration coordinates the development of the Advance Resource Connector (ARC) - an open source Grid middleware. The NorduGrid collaborative activity is based on the success of the project known as the "Nordic Testbed for Wide Area Computing and Data Handling", and is focused on continuation and development of its achievements. The aim of the NorduGrid Collaboration is to deliver a robust, scalable, portable and fully featured solution for a global computational and data Grid system – the ARC middleware, a free open source software. As the name suggests, the Collaboration was originally established by several Nordic academic and research organisations, but was always open to new members.


The Swiss Systems Biology Initiative has established SyBIT as the central Bioinformatics and IT support service for all its funded research projects. SyBIT supports researchers in the following ways:

- Provide the necessary local and central infrastructure to the projects to store and analyze their data.
- Make the necessary bioinformatics software and tools available for data analysis, data management and data mining.
- Software engineering and refactoring of existing science code, making it reusable and maintainable for the community.
- Support the projects with collaboration services: websites, mailinglists, wikis, code repositories and other tools like macros and software packages.


TThe Swiss Institute of Particle Physics, the purpose of the CHIPP Association is to strengthen particle, astroparticle and nuclear physics in Switzerland by being active in particular in the following fields:

- To help towards a successful participation of Swiss groups in projects
- To advise the Universities/ETHs on vacant professorships and academic strategies, and coordinate teaching activities
- To ensure a proper Swiss representation in relevant national and international bodies

- To promote public awareness on particle, astroparticle and nuclear physics