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You focus on your core research, we take care of the rest


 SwiNG plays a pivotal role in supporting the Swiss research community to help boost scientific innovation in Switzerland, ensuring it maintains its leadership role. SwING and its technical support team works with individual researchers, research groups, IT providers and local support teams, as well as in partnership with funding agencies. SwiNG's ultimate goal is to cover the full spectrum of research disciplines to empower every Swiss researcher, ensuring effective return of investment, sustainable resources and services.


Run your experiments on the SwING national computational service & join us in our quest to make every Swiss researcher digital!


The time a scientist cannot spend on his or her research is unproductive time. Waiting for computation to complete, climbing the learning curve to use computational infrastructure, searching for online recipes to fix a problem. All these things hold back researchers from focusing on their core work. SwING is committed to minimizing this time by enabling researchers by:

    • Pooling computational resources across Switzerland. More resources mean faster computation time.
    • Working as a team with researchers and their communities, IT providers and local support teams.
    • Building a support network across Switzerland, coordinating the activities of existing support units and fostering the exchange of know-how to extend and sustain it.
    • Making expert knowledge available when and where it is most needed through a nationally coordinated approach.
    • Developing and implementing a national strategy for scientific computing with consensus from all stakeholders.



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