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Research communities are not confined by institutional borders. Scientific excellence means making the right tools available to a much broader community of researchers and scientists through a coordinated approach that links together local support teams. This is where SwiNG comes into play by building a national support network.


A network supporting Switzerland's drive for scientific excellence


SwiNG has set up the Collaborative Distributed Support (CDS) serving as a dedicated network of technical experts facilitating research excellence in Switzerland. The aim is to share expertise and exchange know-how, fostering best practices.





The CDS does  much more than deal with processes and procedures. Interpersonal connections create a social texture where experts step in to solve a wide range of IT challenges, even on specialized topics. SwiNG is the foundation upon which this support network is based. It takes responsibility for collecting and articulating the common needs of supporters and to drives the implementation of missing services that can facilitate cooperation. It does this by securing funding and initiating collaborative projects.

SwiNG also organizes workshops and training events to empower researchers and connect with IT providers. Find out who to contact on the Collaborative Distributed Support page.

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