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As a research group, your main interest lies in pursuing scientific excellence, as efficiently and quickly as possible. SwiNG is a partner you can rely on to help build a support computational infrastructure, operate it professionally and develop a long-term sustainability strategy to help you maintain it.


Help in designing and implementing group or community services


SwiNG connects your research group with infrastructure providers that enable you to plan and design your computational infrastructure. SwING has a highly competent support team that works directly with members from you group, helping you implement all the right tools and services to fully benefit from the infrastructure. 


Check out what SwiNG offers to support individual members of your research group: Use case scenarios, current portfolio of use cases SwiNG is supporting and testing and tools. Find out who to contact on the Collaborative Distributed Support page.

Training and seminars


SwiNG organises regular technical seminars and training to help you keep up to speed on emerging technologies, best practises and new approaches in implementing large-scale data processing solutions. Check out the list of recent seminars.

Connecting with prospective partners for funded projects


SwiNG is a network of communities and institutions that share the common objective of research excellence. Being part of this network makes it much easier find partners for joint funded projects.


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