Your time is better spent working on your research field rather than figuring out how to exploit a computational infrastructure.

 As a researcher working as an "army of one", your main interest is finding the right kind of support and services so you can focus on your core research.SwiNG has a proven track record in enabling the sharing of know-how to optimise and streamline access to a computational infrastructure by reducing the time it takes to get started.


Access to a powerful infrastructure


SwiNG can provide you with access to a large computational infrastructure distributed across different national institutions of higher education. This collaboration model allows you to focus more on your core work without having to dedicate technical effort on adapting technologies to fit your large-scale data analysis needs. Use case scenarios, current portfolio of use cases SwiNG is supporting and testing and tools.

A highly competent support team is on hand to guide and support you to make sure your research time is as productive as possible.

 Training and Seminars

Our support team knows all the technical details of the underlying infrastructure and can help you in porting your use case. SwiNG also organises regular training and technical seminars tailored to the needs of researchers that have to either develop applications, carry our scientific simulations and/or data analysis. These seminars are also a great way to get more insights on new technologies, understand if you really need them and how you can benefit.


Connecting with prospective partners


SwiNG is a network of higher education and research institutions that have come together to contribute and share their computational resources to support a wide variety of scientific use cases. SwiNG coordinates access to this distributed infrastructure by evaluating individual requirements and negotiating with providers.




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