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Dates: February 12, 2014 - February 12, 2014

Location: Bern

SwissACC Face to Face meeting


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Agree on what proposals should be submitted to the CUS-P2 funding program as a followup of the SwissACC project.

The recently published white paper of the CUS-P2 program, calls for cooperation and collaboration projects to establish a national platform for accessing and processing scientific data.

In particular, the following potential implementation actions, as taken from the CUS-P2 white paper, apply to the current philosophy of the SwissACC project:


  1. "The establishment of a support body for data management and cloud computing questions (e-Science team)"

  2. "Training modules for the use of cloud resources."

  3. "The development of cloud services on a national level (service description, SLA, Marketing, advisory board). However, the infrastructure costs must be paid by the service users (business case)."

  4. "Cooperative integration projects which involve aspects of cloud computing and propose or implement solutions. The subject areas include access management, reporting, charging, legal solutions, hybrid cloud and integration into international e-infrastructures."

  5. "Pilot projects which use the cloud services on offer."

These implementation actions needs to be seen in respect of the SwissACC structure and main activities:

  • Infrastructure provisioning: in SwissACC, the computational infrastructure is a disjoint aggregation of private cloud infrastructure. If this would have to be presented as a national service solution, it will be probably required to propose an operational infrastructure that will guarantee a minimal level of homogeneity and consistency of the services exposed to the user community.
  • PaaS and SaaS development: so far most of the cloud-enabling solutions have been levering tools like GC3Pie and elasticluster (mostly because the majority of the support activities comes from UZH/GC3). If this would have to be presented as a national service or a specific tool for levering the national cloud services, a more cloud-specific solutions should be taken into account (e.g. Slipstrem). The objective would be to promote the adoption of more cloud-oriented tools for the application porting/enabling.
  • Community engagement: this refers to the collaboration between the interested research groups and the support teams. If this would have to be presented as a national service solution, more key usecases will have to be defined; a more direct involvement of the research groups will also be beneficial.
  • Support: this activity is supposed to favor the establishment of a network of competences and know-how for enabling and support scientific usecases on cloud-based infrastructure. If this would have to be presented as a national solution, a more wide scope will have to be defined (there is a natural mapping with the 'eScience' concept); but also will ahve to better reflect the structure of the science support teams that several institutions are forming for their own local communities.


In order to clarify whether and how the SwissACC partners, as well as new potential partners, could jointly apply for one or more of the mentioned “actions”, we are organizing this discussion workshop.


Will take place in Berne 

  • Time: 10:00 - 15:30
  • Room: Nr. 214 / 2. OG West
  • Building: Universität Bern, Hochschulstrasse 4
  • Network: Normally UniBe has a 'public' wireless signal that allows you to VPN connect to your home institution. Alternatively 'eduroam' should work as well.
  • Lunch: lunch is not organised, we will either use the UniBe mensa or the SBB mensa (by the elevator).


Agenda (10:00 - 15:30)

  • Information

    • The CUS-P2 program and the point of actions that might be relevant for SwissACC
  • Discussion

    • According to the potential field of actions, what are the concrete activities that could be proposed ?
    • Are these activities better positioned as individual proposals ?
    • Are all the proposals to be submitted to the March deadline ?
    • What commitment each partner can take ?
  • Concrete proposals

    • Preliminary draft of the proposal(s)
    • Divide responsibilities in editing the proposals
    • Who else do we need to contact/involve in the process ?
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