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Dates: February 5, 2014 - December 20, 2014

We are collecting scientific usecases to be enabled on a national academic research cloud infrastructure.

The Swiss Academic Compute Cloud project, would like to engage with interested research groups to enable scientific usecases on a Swiss-wide cloud-based platform for large-scale data analysis.

What are we looking for ?

Computational challenges that you are facing (or anticipate you will be facing) in your scientific research. For example: large dataset analysis, image analysis, medium to large scale simulations, etc.

Tasks and processes that need to be scaled to a large amount of computational resources, e.g. growing amount of data to be processed or larger data to analyse.  

For a list of the currently supported usecases on the SwissACC cloud infrastructure please consult the following link.

What do we offer ?

Direct support and collaboration from the SwissACC support team to enable the scientific task at stake on the cloud.

Access to a growing cloud-based data analysis infrastructure.

A complement to your already available computational resources.


If the task at hand would go beyond the capacity of the support team, there is the possibility to apply for additional funding through the recently started CUS-P2 funding program.

What timeframe are we talking about ?

Initial deadline for CUS-P2 funding proposal is 10.03.2014, and then submissions can be made every 6 months.

The collection of the scientific use cases is however a continuously-running process: you can contact us to discuss your computational needs all year round.

In case you would be interested in making use of the cloud, or if you just would like to know more about this program, you can contact your SwissACC local support person or by sending an email at


The SwissACC team


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