First SwiNG Assembly Meeting

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Dates: October 31, 2007 - October 31, 2007

Location: Bern Switzerland

1. Confirmation of the chair of the meeting (interim replacement for chair of the Assembly): [5min]

In order to avoid having to elect a chairperson as the first action of the meeting with participants not knowing each other, we propose that one of us chairs this meeting and the Assembly gives its approval to this. Of course, all the future meetings will be chaired by the elected chair of the Assembly.

2. Short presentation of every Assembly member: [20min]

Every member of the Assembly presents himself, his/her background and main interests: 1 min each

3. Discussion: statues and by-laws: [10 min]

The Assembly should decide

  • whether it forms a subcommittee which revises the statues and by-laws of SwiNG OR
  • whether it delegates this task to the EB.

In the latter cases it could still form a subcommittee, which advises the EB in this matter.

4. Election of the EB: [50 min]

  • proposal of letter WG on the size of the EB
  • short presentation of the candidates, questions and answers to each candidate by the Assembly members: [5min each => ca 30 minutes]
  • Assembly discusses the candidates (without them being present) and votes on [20 min]  

        - size of the EB

        - candidates

5. Election of the chair of the Assembly: [10 min]

Assembly discusses whether it wants to elect a chair now or whether candidates should be nominated and the election takes place at the next Assembly meeting

6. Discussion on membership fee: [20 min]

  • ideas from letter WG on membership fee
  • discussion

7. Strategy of SwiNG: [40 min]

Roundtable discussion of visions and strategy for SwiNG.
Decision whether a subcommittee of the Asssembly prepares a strategy paper to be discussed at the next Assembly meeting or whether this task is being delegated to the EB. In the latter case, a subcommittee of the Assembly could serve as Advisory Board for this process.

8. AOB [10 min]

  • Date and place of the next meeting
  • ...

Location: Universität Bern
University of Bern, Hochschulstr. 4, Room Nr. 331 / 3.OG West

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