Swiss National Grid  /  Mission

SwiNG strives to make every researcher in Switzerland digital through the provision of online services, computational tools and end-user support. To achieve this there is a real need for establishing a federated approach to research infrastructures which can drive Switzerland towards becoming a world leader in scientific research and improve competitiveness of Swiss computational sciences. SwiNG coordinates and promotes the development of heterogeneous Swiss academic computing services and establishing a strong and expert support network for end-users.

By listening and learning from our stakeholders, SwiNG influences how Swiss academic research scientific computing resources are organized and provides guidance to policy makers on how the distribution of future funding. 

With support from major research institutions around Switzerland, SwiNG coordinates the effort of its member institutions and represents their common interests and sustain existing tools and services by making them available for use by  the research community. 

SwiNG's main objectives are as follows: 

  • Boosting the competitiveness of Swiss science, education and industry by creating value through resource sharing.
  • Providing a dynamic network of resources across different locations and administrative domains.
  • Enabling interdisciplinary collaboration leveraging Swiss cloud-based technologies supporting end users, researchers, educational institutions, resource providers and industry.
  • Coordinating a sustainable Swiss infrastructure for scientific computing applications.
  • Supporting the interests of the community of users and support teams of scientific computing applications nationally and internationally.