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The Swiss Scientific Computing Association (SwiNG) boosts the competitiveness of Swiss science, education and industry by creating value through resource sharing. Supported by organisations throughout Switzerland, the initiative proves support and services to the a broad range of stakeholder groups such as individual researchers, research groups, IT support departments, IT providers and funding agencies as outlined below.

The main structure working structure of SwiNG is outlined below in

The Assembly is the governing body of SwiNG. It consists of representatives of the member institutions, elects the Executive Board, and approves the strategic directions, the scientific and technical program, and the budget.

The Executive Board (EB) is led by a chair and elected by the Assembly. It is responsible for the day-to-day operations of SwiNG, and supervises the implementation of the scientific and technical program by Working Groups. It also initiates, coordinates, and dissolves the Working Groups. Furthermore, the EB represents the interests of SwiNG towards national and international bodies.

The Associated Members (AM) is constituted of members of the Swiss Grid community with one vote per member group. It formulates the scientific and technical program of SwiNG and proposes candidates for the Executive Board to the Assembly. The AM advises the Assembly and Executive Board on technical and scientific issues.

The Working Groups (WG) implement and execute the scientific and technical program of SwiNG. They consist of employees of the member institutions.